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The cold, crisp air of the North European winter can be a real test for the human psyche. Luckily, there are many ways to battle the blues and welcome the festive season of Christmas in Sweden. If you’re looking to bring some joy into your family over the coming days, we have a few Swedish Christmas traditions you should check out. From classic carolling to lutfisk (the Swedish Christmas fish), you can either order from the well-known restaurants reviewed on ReviewsBird or prepare food yourself. These activities will help set the tone for an authentic Swedish experience this Advent.

Swedish Caroling

Christmas Day characterizes the start of a prolonged resting time to relish with friends and family. Christmas carols are preeminent for sharing the real Christmas feeling. They depict so much of the hope for tranquillity – a time to take a break and meditate on a spiritual calm, long gone from everyday apprehensions. The most beloved Swedish Christmas carols and songs are Glans over sjo och strand and Nar det lider mot jul. The practice of singing songs and Christmas carols still exists in a number of Swedish houses.

The Lutfisk (Swedish Christmas Fish)

Lutfisk has dried fish soaked in lye. Lutfisk is traditionally served on Christmas evening in Sweden and can be found on tables across Sweden and its adjoining countries amid Christmas breaks. Most of the time, lutfisk is served with mustard sauce (senapsås), Sandefjord butter sauce, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

Exchanging small presents before dinner

Christmas Eve (Julaften) is the basic event of the Scandinavian Christmas and is celebrated on the 24th. This evening, the family gathers at home to have the main fine dinner. The Christmas gifts are kept underneath the Christmas tree and opened after the feast.

Decorating for Christmas

Classically, Swedes keep their Christmas decorations untamed and bucolic. It includes wreaths on doors, straw ornaments, candles in every room, and hyacinths on tables.

St. Lucia’s Day

Christmas celebrations start with the magical day of St. Lucia’s Day on December 13, which glorifies “the saint of light”. The older daughter wakes up predawn and dresses in a lengthy white dress as the Queen of Light. The girl wears a crown of leaves and burns candles and sings “Santa Lucia“. The Lucia Queen serves all family members coffee. The small kids in the home also help.

Other Traditions

There are so many other Christmas traditions that can get your attention, like one candle burning on Advent Sunday, wrapping with a rhyme, watching the same Tv show every year, and many more.


Swedes celebrate Christmas for 20 long days during which they hold a lot of amazing events. They start preparing for it ahead of the month and the main celebration is on December 24. On that day, children also unpack the gifts that they received in the gift-giving tradition of Christmas.

From lighting one candle to giving extra food to their animals, Swedes find joy in every event and Christmas tradition. Preparing yummy platters and dishes is one of the big feast at Christmas in Sweden.